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Would you like a natural plant based product that has numerous health benefits? CBD or cannabidiol is a natural occurring cannbinoid found in hemp plants. CBD helps the bodies ESC endocnnabioid system this is a collection of cell receptors that help our body maintain homestasis.

Antiemetic: Reduces nausea and vomitng.

Anticonvulsant: Suprpresses seizure activity.

Chrons disease: Helps ease musle spasms.

Antipsyhotic: Combats psychosis disorders.

Antidepressant: Helps with anxiety and depression.

Antitumoral: Combats tumor and cancer cells.

Antiinflammatory: Combats inflammatory disorders.

These claims have not been approved by FDA as treatments or cures. Please consult with your doctor  if taking other medication.

Our products have been tested and are in ordnance with farm bill 2014 industrial hemp all products contain .3% or less of THC

our products do not get you high but put you in a better mood and you get all the medical benefits without the high.

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